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Quick and Easy Nachos!

2 Jun

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Nachos are quite the favorite snack aren’t they? They are quick to make and easy to chow on- finger food at its best. And done the right way, they can also be healthy. Here, I use lean ground turkey, red kidney beans, tomatoes (both canned sauce and fresh whole ones), and top it off with cheddar cheese before slipping the sheet into the oven. As a side, I have a basic avocado and lime juice guacamole, sour cream, and lime wedges.

Compare this to the nachos you would get at a fast food joint or a restaurant. Chances are the two won’t even come close calorie wise. I used only two tablespoons of oil to make the whole meat and bean topping shown in the photo above. Only two tablespoons! Healthy and delicious food is possible to make, my friends, you just have to take the effort to learn how. And this is coming from a person who used to be the most laziest person in the kitchen EVER. Well, I gained a good 10 pounds from eating either processed, packaged food or restaurant food in college. After graduating, when I came home, my parents cooked amazing food for me and the pounds slipped off without much effort. A good body starts with making some effort in the kitchen, always remember that. Now, I’m trying on the chef’s hat so I can feed myself in the future, when I’m on my own again. No more late night runs to In n Out because my tummy’s grumbling. Although I still can’t resist a good cupcake when I see one. 🙂  Continue reading

Veggie Burrito Bowl with Cajun Shrimp

27 May

Dinner is served

Ah, I’m savoring the delicious feeling of not having to go to work tomorrow. It’s incredible. Mondays are no fun, and I’m glad I get to start my week on Tuesday instead! 

Tonight, it was Burrito Bowl night. And last night, it was nachos. We are on a Mexican kick, it seems! That’s because Mexican food is easy to make and uses delicious, fresh ingredients. Avocado being my most favorite ingredient of all!Also, I used brown rice in this recipe for an added health benefit. Continue reading

Chicken Enchiladas

8 Apr

Bon appetit!

Today’s healthy recipe is Chicken Enchiladas, a sure crowd pleaser! This recipe does not require any oil and butter, just Pam spray. In fact, the only significant source of fat is the cheddar cheese. Pretty good, huh? The chicken is boiled in water and later shredded for addition to a mixture of light sour cream, cheese, and other ingredients. The enchiladas are topped with a homemade salsa of tomatoes, green bell pepper, freshly chopped cilantro, and lime juice. It’s a delicious meal that will leave you feeling satisfied without guilt! Continue reading

Crunchy, munchy Nachos heaped with meat, beans, and cheese!

31 Mar

Up close and personal

Last night I made one of my favorite junk food dishes: nachos! I love that I have this recipe on hand so I don’t need to swing by Taco Bell to satisfy my nacho cravings, which is exactly what I used to do in high school (and through most of college too). But who needs stale chips topped with dehydrated beans, and beef that was made in god-knows-what factory, when you can prepare your own nacho dish at home with high quality ingredients? So forget the drive-thru and stop at your supermarket to pick up the ingredients below. This recipe is low stress and low hassle. I made it recently on a Thursday night when I ran out of ideas for a more well thought out dinner and needed to whip up something tasty for the family within the hour. Needless to say, everybody was all over this dish as soon as it came out of the oven! A resounding round of thank-you’s from my culinary audience was all the appreciation I needed for a job well done. 😉 Continue reading