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Sweet Potato and Spinach Mac and Cheese

7 Jan


If this sounds delectable then you are right, it is exactly that. I like to spend some time on the weekends perusing other people’s blogs, hopeful that I will be inspired or maybe find a new favorite recipe. I found this one on a blog called Naturally Ella. Maybe you have seen this blog before, it is pretty darn awesome and I’m sure to visit it again. This dish is a low fat mac and cheese that Erin from Naturally Ella created, and it has a nice helping of sweet potato in it. Can you believe that I’ve never cooked with sweet potato before? Well, it’s true, this was a first. Continue reading


Indian-style Mashed Potatoes

25 Dec

Steak and potatoes

Christmas day is coming to an end here in wet, rainy California. The rain stopped for a brief period of time, during which I quickly laced up my running shoes and threw on a jacket, but as soon as I opened the front door, it started again. I grabbed my umbrella and went for a walk anyway. After being cooped up all day inside, I needed some fresh air! Twenty minutes later, I had to admit defeat and make my way home- my shoes were soaked and getting to the point where I could feel the water squishing around in them. (Note to self: need to buy rainboots when they go on sale next year!) Continue reading

Friday night “fast food”

7 Sep

I’m always thinking of you bloggers and all the wonderful recipes, tips, and stories that you share with me and the world. And so I thought, even on Friday night when all I want to do is bum out in front of the TV, I would skip the drive-thru, cook up something special, and write a post. I have written a post about this dish before, so please reference this link if you want the recipe. Continue reading

Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Muffins

29 Jun

Muffins as far as the eye can see

I’m having a super splendid Friday evening. It’s 7’o’clock in California and the sun is still shining. The patio door is open and there’s a light breeze moving into my slightly overheated house. I can see our neighbor’s apple tree and I’m hoping they reach full growth soon so I can snag a couple (shhhh).  I have the Across the Universe soundtrack playing in the background while browsing the Internet, and the smell of chocolate chip muffins is in the air. Just what I like, a combination of music, technology, and of course, food! Continue reading

Quick and Easy Nachos!

2 Jun

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Nachos are quite the favorite snack aren’t they? They are quick to make and easy to chow on- finger food at its best. And done the right way, they can also be healthy. Here, I use lean ground turkey, red kidney beans, tomatoes (both canned sauce and fresh whole ones), and top it off with cheddar cheese before slipping the sheet into the oven. As a side, I have a basic avocado and lime juice guacamole, sour cream, and lime wedges.

Compare this to the nachos you would get at a fast food joint or a restaurant. Chances are the two won’t even come close calorie wise. I used only two tablespoons of oil to make the whole meat and bean topping shown in the photo above. Only two tablespoons! Healthy and delicious food is possible to make, my friends, you just have to take the effort to learn how. And this is coming from a person who used to be the most laziest person in the kitchen EVER. Well, I gained a good 10 pounds from eating either processed, packaged food or restaurant food in college. After graduating, when I came home, my parents cooked amazing food for me and the pounds slipped off without much effort. A good body starts with making some effort in the kitchen, always remember that. Now, I’m trying on the chef’s hat so I can feed myself in the future, when I’m on my own again. No more late night runs to In n Out because my tummy’s grumbling. Although I still can’t resist a good cupcake when I see one. 🙂  Continue reading

Green Macaroni & Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins

4 Apr

Moist muffins browned to perfection

Creamy green (broccoli) macaroni

A quick vegetable side dish

Tonight’s meal was pretty simple to make. I learned about “green macaroni” from my mom and have loved it ever since she first made it. It’s a good way to liven up an otherwise sad boxed macaroni dish and an easy way to get your dose of broccoli without any pain or suffering involved! Continue reading