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Banana-Date Cake- inspired by grandma

6 Sep


It’s so weird to be back! Equally weird to see that many of you, whom I used to follow, are still posting regularly. I guess I’m the only one who fell off the wagon. For two years.

I still reference this blog sometimes for recipes. That’s what happened today, I looked up Cold Asian Noodle Salad because my mom requested it for dinner. I, shamefully, have not cooked much for months besides quick quesadillas and sandwiches. I bake on a monthly basis though. Baking always came easier to me than cooking. Plus, there’s that sweet tooth.

Med school has kept me busy. I didn’t have a summer. Spent 6 weeks studying for my board exam, day and night, and thankfully passed. I started my third year in July with my clinical clerkships, or rotations. I work in the hospital for free (actually my tuition goes towards paying for my experience) and learn the skills of the trade as I “rotate” through different specialties. So far I’ve finished one month of orthopedic surgery and one month of family medicine (FM). I’m starting my next month of FM on Tuesday (thank god for Labor Day holiday!). I’m loving it so far. Minus the almost 2 hours of commuting daily and the exhaustion when I come home.

Anyway, on to the reason I’m posting today. I wanted to share and catalog this recipe for a Banana-Date cake. I watched my grandma make it last month when she came to visit us, and tried to replicate it as closely as I could. I was too lazy to take notes so I had to try making it a couple times before it came out right. Essentially, free-handing it. I looked at other recipes for dense cakes like this to make sure my flour to baking power ratio and number of eggs was okay. This time it came out very well so I’ll stick to this recipe from now on! Continue reading

Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Muffins

29 Jun

Muffins as far as the eye can see

I’m having a super splendid Friday evening. It’s 7’o’clock in California and the sun is still shining. The patio door is open and there’s a light breeze moving into my slightly overheated house. I can see our neighbor’s apple tree and I’m hoping they reach full growth soon so I can snag a couple (shhhh).  I have the Across the Universe soundtrack playing in the background while browsing the Internet, and the smell of chocolate chip muffins is in the air. Just what I like, a combination of music, technology, and of course, food! Continue reading

Kale Dip and Veggie Spaghetti

15 May

This kale dip is not something I would have normally tried, but I decided to give it a shot after finding the recipe on Dr. Preston Maring’s blog. He is an OB-GYN physician who supports healthy eating as a powerful form of preventive medicine. In 2003, he started the first weekly Farmer’s Market at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center to provide patients and medical staff with easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Today, there are many Farmer’s Markets open at various KP facilities. It’s a pretty awesome concept- bring the healthy goodies to the people, who may otherwise not have access to such ingredients (or perhaps the inclination to seek them), and they will eat!

The kale dip can be used as a dipping sauce, as shown above, or even as a spread for sandwiches and pita pockets. It is quite tasty, considering it is packed full with leafy greens, and makes it easier and more enjoyable to eat raw vegetables. My little brother was eating carrot sticks with this kale dip!! I was seriously amazed. Continue reading