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Christmas Sugar Cookies

24 Dec

Iced with buttercream and whipped cream frosting- yum!

Christmas sugar cookies have been on my to-do list since who knows when, and yesterday, my friend Michelle and I churned out a bunch of these from scratch! It was tons of fun, although we were both scared when the recipe called for 2.5 sticks of butter. I guess it comes with the territory of making traditional, holiday season cookies! The recipe came from Joy of Cooking- one of the best cookbooks out there, honestly. Continue reading


Peanut Butter Cookies

23 Dec

A hefty plateful, with many more on the side

Peanut butter cookie time! (Yes, I have that “peanut  butter jelly time” song stuck in my head…) 

I absolutely had to make these cookies yesterday, because I had been watching the Food Network for two hours. I looked around the house for some sweet treats, but found nothing. Cookies don’t survive very long in our house (if we even buy them, that is).  So, it was up to me to make up for the dearth of baked goods… Continue reading

Waffles and the Beach

10 May

Waffle with blueberry compote and bananas, served with freshly juiced orange/apple drink


This is what Sunday mornings look like in my house. Actually, sometimes even midweek mornings if I’m feeling ambitious enough. This past Sunday was a particularly special day. Why? Because my dear friend Michelle from New York was in town! I had to make waffles for her before we embarked on our adventure to Stinson Beach. I am calling it an adventure because that’s truly what it was- a 1.5 hour drive North that included narrow, winding, and treacherous mountain roads. (And leg cramps for me, from constantly having my foot hovering over the brake.) Oh, but once you make that last turn around the mountain and see the beach, it’s all worth it! Continue reading