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Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May


Oh my, has it really been more than two months since I posted on this blog? Yikes, I believe it has! Bad Nimmie. 

I have tried some new recipes in the past couple months, but have been too distracted by other things to write about it.

Anyway, this photo above is the breakfast I made for my mom this morning. She has to work today. She’s a pharmacist at a hospital, and people need their meds on Mother’s Day too! I got up at 7:30am so I could make fresh waffles from scratch. Here is a previous blog post with the recipe. They were delicious! I had one and a half and so did my mom. 🙂  Continue reading


Indian Porridge- “Dalia”

3 Jan

Delicious bowl of dalia

My life has been a whirlwind these past couple of weeks, as I expect all of yours have been during the holiday season! A lot of it was excellent fun, which I am very thankful for, and yet yesterday was somewhat of a slow start to the New Year as I rested at home due to what I presume is a viral infection. It has progressed somewhat and I woke up today with a terrible headache. I still have horrible memories of my last illness in November, when I got body aches/chills and felt so miserable that I could barely get out of bed. It’s not so bad this time. I think I bolstered my immune system with Vitamin C/herbal supplements and fresh fruit packed with antioxidants, such as pomegranate. I’m not completely out of the woods yet, and I’m back at work, but I’ll try to sleep early tonight and get some rest.  Continue reading

Waffles and the Beach

10 May

Waffle with blueberry compote and bananas, served with freshly juiced orange/apple drink


This is what Sunday mornings look like in my house. Actually, sometimes even midweek mornings if I’m feeling ambitious enough. This past Sunday was a particularly special day. Why? Because my dear friend Michelle from New York was in town! I had to make waffles for her before we embarked on our adventure to Stinson Beach. I am calling it an adventure because that’s truly what it was- a 1.5 hour drive North that included narrow, winding, and treacherous mountain roads. (And leg cramps for me, from constantly having my foot hovering over the brake.) Oh, but once you make that last turn around the mountain and see the beach, it’s all worth it! Continue reading