What are you baking this weekend?

10 Jan
Carrot pineapple muffins

Carrot pineapple muffins

Happy Friday! (Just about…) Another week comes to a close. How is everyone doing with their New Year’s resolutions? I think I’ve been doing a decent job. I went to the gym twice this week and didn’t stuff my face with sweets…score! Also, work has been pretty productive and I’ve been able to get in some reading before I go to sleep. And finally the big one: I’m trying to get into medical school this Fall. Yes, it’s the first time I’ve said this on my blog! But we’re pretty well-acquainted now and I thought it was time to tell you about my biggest resolution for the year, and for my life! I have some interviews coming up, and I’m getting ready. Fingers crossed!

With all these things on my mind, I’m looking forward to kicking back on Friday. I’m ready to do a lot of baking and maybe watch a movie in the background. It’s pretty good timing actually because I’m visiting my friend (and my manager!) on Saturday and seeing her baby girl for the first time. She has been on maternity leave since December and I’ve been taking on more at work because of it. I have missed her a lot and am really looking forward to this visit. So, of course I have to bring some baby-warming gifts! Haha…you know what I mean. A new baby in the house is a very special milestone in one’s life, and it needs to be recognized and celebrated. I’m going to make her a batch of the muffins picture above: Carrot-Pineapple Muffins. I also want to make some of these Double-Chocolate Cupcakes from Kim’s blog- I have printed out the recipe and pinned it to my board. Both these muffins are low fat, and both are scrumptious (can’t exactly vouch for the chocolate cupcakes yet as I haven’t made them, but I can just tell I’m going to love them).

And on Sunday, we are having a Lohri party. It’s an Indian tradition- it should be fun to sit around the bonfire and talk, eat, and listen to music. I’m going to try to fit in a hike earlier in the day with my friend, if it’s not too cold. That’s about it, sounds like it’s going to be a good weekend!


2 Responses to “What are you baking this weekend?”

  1. myhealthyohana January 14, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    I hope your med school interviews go well!! How exciting 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you!!

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