‘Tis the season for kickin’ back!

21 Dec


It’s winter break time! I am thrilled to have a break from regular day-to-day life and work for the next 4 days.  Free time for myself, and quality time to be spent with family and friends. Woo hoo! That photo taken above is not recent (yes, I live in California, but we are not THAT spoiled in December)- it’s from my summer camping trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. I feel happy whenever I look at this photo, it’s me celebrating after a 5 mile hike (with another 5 to go on the way back). Ah god, it’s so beautiful there. We ate lunch on top of that cliff, my heart almost stopped as I cautiously peeked over the edge. I’m a little scared of heights.

Back to the present, where it is cold and raining…but being stuck inside means lots of time for cooking and baking! This weekend I’m having a little baking get-together at a friend’s place, hopefully we can churn out some lovely sugar cookies which I can show to you guys later. Does anyone have any recipes they recommend? I know sugar cookies are pretty basic, but there’s always a special trick to really good recipes, so any tips are appreciated (especially since it’s my first time making them from scratch). I’m tempted to buy the pre-made/pre-cut dough and then go “ta da!” when it comes out of the oven looking perfect, but there’s nothing like making something from scratch!


My cousin made these cookies above and shared the photo on Facebook- I feel inspired just looking at them, they are so cute! She’s from Canada, so it is quite apt that she made moose cookies. 🙂 I am also from Canada by the way, though I tend to forget that nowadays… it’s been more than a decade since I moved from British Columbia to sunny California.

Aside from baking, I hope to get caught up on my reading. There are some work-related journal articles that I have been meaning to read. I would also love to go for an early morning hike, but I think it’s going to rain all weekend, so perhaps no luck there. There is a beautiful trail near my house that I have gone on enough times to be comfortable doing it alone. It’s usually packed with people so I feel pretty safe. Also, it’s very wide and open, so it’s not like I’m trekking through a dark forest.

Why do I hike alone? Well, it’s not always easy to find friends who want to climb up a steep hill with you at 8 or 9 (or even 10 or 11) in the morning on a weekend. Actually, it’s kind of impossible. Haha.. I do have one friend in the area who is also an avid hiker, but she is somewhat reclusive, so we only meet up from time to time. Last time that we talked, she was pretty excited about the rainy season, as she wanted to show me some salamanders that come out in this time of the year. (She also gets excited about tarantulas and snakes.) Maybe there is an interesting hike in my future!

And how are you planning to spend the holidays? (I hope you are not stuck at the airport, I hear things are pretty bad…)


One Response to “‘Tis the season for kickin’ back!”

  1. Bashar A. December 23, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Caught up on work journal reading???? you’re dedicated 🙂

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