Our resident owl

23 Jun

I know you’re probably wondering what’s going on with me and my food blog. Okay, so you’re most likely not tossing and turning at night while thinking about it, but I like to think that you are, and that you care that much. 🙂  

I’ve been quite busy with work and other responsibilities so I haven’t cooked anything new or creative in the last week. Oh, I did actually make a delicious beet salad! Totally forgot about that. The photo is below… 

Just beet it!

Besides making this beet salad, my culinary world has been sadly neglected. Never fear, I’ll get back on the horse soon enough and knock you guys off your socks! Oh wait, I think I got that last part wrong. I mean, I’ll knock your socks off!

Here’s another owl photo that I just took in my backyard… Poor owl. In addition to being harassed by me and my camera, it is being yelled/chirped at by various neighborhood birds who want it OUT. I guess they don’t want to be its next meal at nighttime! While the daily cacophany is going on, this placid creature simply closes its eyes and continues sleeping. Oh, to be an owl!

And I shall call him “Mr. Sleepy”

And last but not least, below is an elegant photo of banana bread that I made a week ago. I am so happy to have discovered that banana bread recipe in Cooking Light Way to Bake, because now I am able to make good use of overripe bananas that I usually would have tossed away. So take those almost blackened bananas and turn it into a delicious treat! 

Flaxseed meal adds a healthy kick

Banana bread loaf


2 Responses to “Our resident owl”

  1. hazrock June 23, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    I never have overriped bananas. My kids love bananas, they never got a chance to overripe. The bananas I mean, not the kids. Lol. I will be like hey, stop it. those are for my banana muffins. But they are eating fruits so that’s the plus.

    • luvnorcal June 23, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

      Haha, that’s good! It’s hard to get my brother to eat fruit, let alone a banana. He loves sweet nectarines but that’s about it. Oh, and kiwis. 🙂

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