Where’s the food??

10 Apr

Santa Cruz, CA

I wanted to write a post that didn’t include food today, but almost wasn’t going to because I thought you guys might feel jipped and think “Hey, where’s the damn food??” But I think you can handle my digression for the day. I felt somewhat inspired by reading one of the blogs on freshly pressed. It made me think about writing, and how I haven’t channeled my inner wordsmith in a while.

Above is a photo I took in Santa Cruz, which is not too far away from my home. I live in East Bay, California, and there are literally a myriad of fun things to do around here in the outdoors! In addition to being an eating enthusiast, I am also a hiking and outdoor exploring enthusiast! (Quite fortunate for me, because this is how I manage to keep the pounds off ;))

One of my favorite things to do on a warm Saturday is pack a lunch and trek to the top of a mountain with some friends.  It’s exhilirating – I love the fresh air, sunshine, and heart-pumping feeling as I wind my way up a particularly steep incline. But I’m not totally gone yet- I am not one of those people who will do HALF-DOME in Yosemite. I have known people who have enjoyed (and luckily survived) the trecherous climb, but as far as I am concerned, no thank you I do not feel like risking my life today. Using ropes and cables to climb up rocks is definitely not my thing.

Stinson Beach, CA

The landscape featured in this photo above is most definitely my thing! Stinson Beach is a picturesque little location tucked away in Marin County. To get here, my friend and I had to drive across the Richmond-Bay Bridge (paying $5 toll), and through narrow mountain roads while holding our breath, because we were afraid of slamming into another car around each turn we took! The trip was worth it though, because the views are absolutely amazing once you get there. We hiked a 7 mile loop that started at the beach, went up and around Mount Tamalpais, and ended at the beach. Perfect, isn’t it?

Painted Ladies- San Francisco, CA

In addition to exploring the outdoors, I love exploring bustling cities. The closest one to me is San Francisco. Does the photo above look familiar to you? Everywhere you look, everywhere, there’s a heart, a hand to hold on to… Yes, Full House! These are the same Victorian houses seen in the opening song for the T.V. show. Getting to see these was quite fun, and people bring a blanket just to lie around in the plush grass and take in the view. You have to see it at least once in your life! Wish I had more of the city to show, but I’m having a hard time locating my photos on this computer. Another time, for sure!

Stinson Beach, CA

Here’s another gorgeous beach photo! Ah, god, can’t get enough of these photos sometimes. They are so beautiful. They could be even better if I started using my digital SLR instead of the dinky little camera I’m currently using. It’s just easier to snap and shoot with the pocket-sized camera, whereas with the larger SLR I feel I have to make use of all the manual functions and such. I used to be into photography in high school, but haven’t picked up the hobby since then. Aren’t our lives full of all sorts of abandoned hobbies?

Crab cakes in San Luis Obispo, CA

Oh, and look at that! There is some food in this post today! Above is a plate of delectable crab cakes, with coleslaw and green lake beans, that I had in SLO. Another gorgeous California city that you must visit if you’re ever in state! I went there on a road trip with some friends this past December, and the weather was pretty awesome considering it’s snowing in many parts of the U.S. around Christmas.

San Luis Obispo, CA

We totally lucked out with this beautiful beach sunset in late December. Welcome to California, folks! 😉


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